Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[News] Kdrama Crushes—How Many Crushes Has Suzy Bae Had?

[News] Kdrama Crushes—How Many Crushes Has Suzy Bae Had?

Not only do kdrama celebrities have crushes on other celebrities, sometimes they have more than one.

On a recent edition of "Healing Camp," Suzy, the star of "Gu Family Book" and "Dream High" was asked to pick her ideal type in a game called Ideal Type World Cup. Fortunately, it was a multiple-choice quiz.

The singer picked actor Song Joong Ki over Kim Soo Hyun, who she had previously more than once named as her ideal type.

"We are really close," she said of her "Dream High" co-star Kim Soo Hyun. "He is a good person but I saw Song Joong Ki in "Nice Guy" and "A Werewolf Boy."

She picked her "Architecture 101" co-star Lee Jae Hoon over her "Gu Family Book" co-star Lee Seung Gi, even though she previously said that some of her scenes with the "Gu" actor did make her heart flutter.

Although she knows that Song Seung Hoon once chose her as his ideal type, she picked actor Jung Woo Sung over him. Jung Woo Sung has said he would like to film a melodrama with her and the 40-year-old actor once said miss A was his favorite group.

But Suzy's final choice was actor Kang Dong Won. He won over So Ji Sub.

"I really like him," she said and sent him a video message asking him to take good care of his health.

In the past she has also listed 2 PM's Wooyoung, Beast's Yang Yoseob, MBLAQ's Lee Joon and Ian Somerhelder as her ideal types. She even named her puppy after Ian Somerhelder's "Vampire Diaries" character.

Suzy may have as many celebrities crushing on her as she has crushes. Infinite's Myungsoo has said he is a fan. Actor Lee Jong Hyuk said that Suzy would be his ideal co-star.

"I would take on any role that made her happy," said Lee Jong Hyuk.

Only last month, Song Seung Hoon was reported to have a case of Suzy fever.

"Is there a man who doesn't like Suzy," he said. But then the actor often changes his ideal type too, having in the past said it was Kim Tae Hee or Song Hye Kyo.

Working with handsome actors and having some of them want to work with you or even crush on you does not guarantee that you will have lots of dates. On "Healing Camp," Suzy confessed that she hasn't really be asked out.

"I heard that many people chose me as their ideal types but no one actually asks me out," she said.
Kang Dong Won, are you listening?

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