Monday, July 29, 2013

[News] PSY plans to return in September

[News] PSY plans to return in September

Does " Gentlemen "made the same success as" Gangnam Style "? 

On July 29,  YG Entertainment  has revealed that PSY is currently in the process of producing the next album and plans to release it worldwide presented in September. The singer is currently in  Los Angeles Californina  and is working with partners are trusted music compilation  Yoo Gunhyung . 

A representative from the company he commented, " As far as I know, this will be a shift segment accounting for people's tastes. Instead of a single, this album will include a few more songs . " 

Earlier, PSY has swept the world by storm with "Gangnam Style" and tried to repeat the that with the next song "Gentleman . " 

On 28 July, the British newspaper " The Sunday Times "reported," PSY plans to release an album in the UK in the second half of this year. "

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