Monday, July 15, 2013

[News] Solbi Reveals She Thought Having Surgery would Change Everything

[News] Solbi Reveals She Thought Having Surgery would Change Everything

Undergoing some plastic surgery is one of the hot issues in some of the artists and even celebrities in Korea. Although Korea is said to be the cosmetic capital of the world like everything you see in the streets has stores of beauty products.

Solbi was brave enough to admit that she went under the knife and the singer reveals her reason of doing it and why she decided to embrace the new enhancement of beauty.

On  July 13th on MBC's variety show 'Human Documentary', Solbi was a guest and shared her feelings about her surgery stating, "I thought it would help me out in this industry, and I wanted to start anew. I thought the answer was plastic surgery."
She also added saying "I went under the knife. I wanted to change my face. I thought that if I change my face, my life would change too. And if my life changes, then my dreams would change as well. I think I was just disheartened by everything."

Solbi revealed the effect of her transformation gives a backlash from netizens upon her appearnace leaving her only hurtful comments, but Solbi faces of the intrigues and she was eventually able to be back on the game for her fans and make strong comeback despite of all her struggles.Solbi is one of the bravest artist who admits taking some surgery in order to beautify her features and look pleasant in the crowd

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