Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[News] Sunny, TaeYeon and Tiffany of SNSD Rock a Dodgers Game

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[News] Sunny, TaeYeon and Tiffany of SNSD Rock a Dodgers Game

Three of the charismatic members of Girl’s Generation performed at the special game at Dodgers stadium in honor of Korea day on July 28th.

Sunny, TaeYeon, and Tiffany were the three performers selected to represent Korea and the Korean players of the Dodgers at the opening of the game. TaeYeon sang the Korean national anthem, Tiffany sang the American national anthem and Sunny threw the ceremonial first pitch.

The girls were greeted by screams from excited Koreans, Korean-Americans and other Girls Generation fans when they stepped out onto the field. In addition to throwing the first pitch and singing the national anthems, the girls also posed for pictures with some of the Dodgers players and waved at the excited crowd alongside some mascots in traditional Korean HanBoks.

The game was started out right by the beautiful vocals of TaeYeon singing the Korean national anthem, the majestic voice of Tiffany singing the American national anthem and the cuteness of Sunny throwing the first pitch in a customized Dodgers outfit. The game ended with the Dodgers beating the Cinncinati Reds at the end of an eleventh inning in the Dodgers’ home stadium. Good job Dodgers, and good job Sunny, TaeYeon and Tiffany.

Check out the video of the girls below!

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