Sunday, July 28, 2013

[News] What Has SHINEe Been Doing During Their Break From The Limelight As a Group?

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[News] What Has SHINEe Been Doing During Their Break From The Limelight As a Group?

Though it will take a while before their next comeback, SHINee has not totally disappeared from the public. With projects occupying their spare time, here is where you can catch them until they're thrusting and serenading you through your laptop monitors:

Onew of SHINee can be seen on the sitcom "Royal Villa". Onew plays a playful youth who accompanies an older friend to a villa for which they unknowingly have a 3rd renter: a lady ghost. In the sitcom, you will witness Onew's natural acting skills and his knack for comedy.

Minho will be staring in the new MBC drama "Medical Top Team". Minho plays a young doctor who is a part of a medical team that works together to help patients and resolve medical issues. There will also be conflicts in their relationships with one another seeing as there will be some love triangles thrown into the mix. This is scheduled to air in October.

Key will be participating in the new "Bonnie and Clyde" musical, scheduled to begin on the 4th of September of this year. In his promotional photo, we see Key in his finest mobster couture, with a cigar and a shotgun and smirk to match.

Taemin can be watched weekly on We Got Married, as he continues to endure (read: not really) the woes of married life with his beautiful soulmate and wife, Naeun of Apink.

And now the only questions is, where is Jonghyun?

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