Friday, August 2, 2013

[News] BoA Admits ‘I’ve Been Rejected Casting As an Actress Because I’m BoA’ on SBS ‘Thank You’

[News] BoA Admits ‘I’ve Been Rejected Casting As an Actress Because I’m BoA’ on SBS ‘Thank You’

BoA confesses she has been burdened to live up to the 'BoA' brand name her whole life.

BoA recently filmed a segment in the latest taping of SBS 'Thank You' with actors Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee. On this trip BoA was able to share her burdens and concerns with her 'seniors' in life. (They are referred as such because they are older and have more life experience, not necessarily because they are elderly.) She confided, 'I've been thinking about deviating from my identity as a singer that I've held for the past thirteen years of my life.' She also cautiously expressed that she has always had a desire for acting as well, but that her singing career often stood as an obstacle in her pursuit of acting

BoA recently had her first movie debut in Europe, in a movie called 'Make Your Move.' For the first time after her pilot drama debut, she is planning to take on a serious acting role in the near future.

She said, 'Honestly speaking, I've wanted to try my hand at acting and have strived to do so for a while. But I have been rejected casting many times because they claimed the title 'BoA' was too big of a name to carry and that it was burdensome.' As difficult as it was to come by this opportunity to act, she aspires to live not as 'BoA' the singer, but as 'Kwon Boa,' the budding actress.

To this, Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee, who are 'life seniors' as well as experienced actors, gave BoA some practical advice.

To hear more about BoA's confessions and the 'senior' actors' advice, tune into 'Thank You' which airs on August 2.

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