Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[News] EXO Fandom Goes Wild… For the First Time Since TVXQ

[News] EXO Fandom Goes Wild… For the First Time Since TVXQ

'It was the first time since TVXQ.'

12 member EXO is not just another boy band. During a time when music fans have expanded to mostly older sister and uncle figures, EXO has a fandom full of eager fans in their teens. A teen fandom this massive is said to be the first since TVXQ.

MNet's 'M Countdown' concert held at the Seoul City Hall Plaza on August 3, EXO's eager fans knocked over the fence in pursuit of the group, and its video footage has been a hot topic. On the following day, the fans started a long race from EXO's event in Pusan, to Gimpo Airport, to Gimhae International Airport, and even to Songdo, making it difficult and almost impossible for the team to travel. As expected the fence used to protect the fans and members at this event was knocked over in the mayhem.

Not only that, several hundred fans surrounded the vehicles transporting the members, blocking the roads and making it difficult to move. This scene was captured and has been floating around the music industry since then.

A security team member who has been working for the music security industry for the past fifteen years said, 'Although overly excited teen fans have always been dangerous, it's been a long time since I've seen fans this strong or this crazy. It's a first since H.O.T., Sechskies, and TVXQ.'

It came to the point where EXO's extreme fans were so aggressive that SBS 'Inkigayo' had to temporarily block EXO fans from entering the premises. This type of behavior is extremely rare for a broadcast that usually welcomes the fans. The reason for blocking the fans are many, including breaking through the staff guards and entering the building beforehand, breaking the law by blocking off the roads and causing disorder in public, and more. It was revealed online that a fan went overboard to try to use the same bathroom as the group.

But it doesn't end there. When they announced their comeback on KBS 'Super Junior's Kiss the Radio', the KBS radio homepage was unexpectedly flooded and shut down. In June when they visited SM's popup star at the Lotte Mall in Seoul, the fans overwhelmed the mall, and businesses were temporarily suspended.

On their latest return from Shanghai, EXO had to delay their flight because there were too many fans at the airport. Upon hearing this, almost a hundred passengers suddenly cancelled their tickets. These passengers turned out to be fans that had hoped to get on the same flight as EXO. The sudden mass cancellations resulted in departure being delayed. No matter how hard EXO tries to keep their flight schedules a secret, fans always find out and flood to the site. It's to the point where the airport has asked for advanced notice when anyone from SM Entertainment will be present.

The reason behind EXO's hot fandom arises from the fact that they are unlike other recent idol groups. EXO has been gaining more fame than other idol groups, and are currently regarded as idol stars when they appear on entertainment programs. This may be a contributing factor to why teen fans are so crazy about them.

Because fans flock to wherever EXO is scheduled to appear and cause scenes, the agency, as well as event organizers and site staff are all very tense and nervous at their events. Particular attention is given to the safety of the fans, as well as protection for the members.

EXO is currently topping music charts with their new song 'Growl,' and is recognized as a strong boy group that has an enormous teen fandom.

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