Sunday, August 4, 2013

[News] EXO Fans Banned from Entering ‘Inkigayo’

[News] EXO Fans Banned from Entering ‘Inkigayo’

When misbehaving fans continued to ignore staff instructions after many warnings, SBS’ Inkigayo felt the need to put its foot down.

On August 3, an announcement was posted on EXO’s official homepage, explaining that no EXO fans will be allowed into both the pre-recording and live performance of EXO’s Growl at Inkigayo starting August 4 until further notice.
There will be no separate section designated for EXO fans at Inkigayo recordings.

According to the announcement posted by the website administrator, the reason of the recent banning is due to the fact that many fans have been jaywalking in front of the broadcast station, ignoring the instructions and warning of staff and security, in order to chase after the artist vehicles following the broadcast.

The announcement also read that fans used cheering goods in a dangerous way, becoming an inconvenience for those around them.

It was said that there have been several civil complaints filed to the police about the behavior of fans. 

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