Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[News] Ha Ji Won Sets Up Her Own Agency

Ha Ji Won
[News] Ha Ji Won Sets Up Her Own Agency

Ha Ji Won is off to a new start after setting up her own agency.

A rep from Ha Ji Won′s new agency Sun and Moon Entertainment told enews on August 6, "We haven′t registered the corporation yet, but it′s been a month since she′s founded her agency. Its office is in Gangnam, and Ha Ji Won came up with the name for the agency herself. She said it expressed her wishes to become an actress who shines bright like the sun and the moon."

The rep added, "When she appeared on SBS′ Thank You, Ha Ji Won said that she wanted to sign with a new agency and get off with a new start as if she were a rookie. Ha Ji Won is the only actress signed with the agency as of now, so it′s practically a one-person agency. We have no plans yet to recruit more actors."

Ha Ji Won stayed with Wellmade STARM for 10 years but decided to part ways with the company early this year. She then said no to love calls being sent by other agencies with giant contracts and decided to set up her own agency.

Her most recent piece is Three Joseon Angels, a film that is set to premiere late 2013. The first piece she will take up with her new agency is the upcoming MBC drama Hwatu (tentative title). It will air after the conclusion of Goddess of Fire Jeongi.

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