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[News] Idols Take a Dive… To Make Diving a Popular Sport Once Again

Barefoot Friends
[News] Idols Take a Dive… To Make Diving a Popular Sport Once Again

Lately entertainment programs have been showing an interest in diving.

Shows such as 'Barefoot friends' and 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Sports' have been featuring idols playing unpopular sports, and has rekindled interest in these recreations.

SBS' 'Barefoot Friends' was the first to reintroduce the sport of diving. People appearing on the show had to face their fear of deep waters and fear of heights. When they overcame their fears and were successful in making the dive, it left a big impression on the viewers. The regulars of the show and various idol group members would compete against each other in taking dives, and not only did it bring much laughter and fun, it moved the hearts of the viewers.

On the last episode of the diving special, members of 'Barefoot Friends' completed their training and showed off their brand new skills by competing in the first Gimcheon Masters Diving Tournament. This once unpopular sport soon became a topic of interest, and its feature on the show proved how diving could become a community's choice of entertainment.

On July 14 KBS 'Let's Go! Dream Team' aired an episode in which celebrities and professional divers teamed up to have a synchronized diving competition.

Because the divers were scored for artistic expression even before their actual dive, the cast members entertained viewers by dancing as part of their performance. The team consisting of group 100%'s Sang Hoon and partner Lim Joo Young danced to the song 'Troublemaker' for their performance, and shocked the viewers with their extraordinary dive. The drive started off with one partner raised onto the arms and back of the other, and ended with a simultaneous into the water. The show exposed the charm of synchronized diving.

'Let's Go! Dream Team' has featured various unpopular sports such as ping pong and archery. Idol stars would put their sweat and effort into training for a sport, and have a good-natured competition against each other. By this, the program gave hope and encouragement to all the sport enthusiast youths watching the show.

There is another show that has been highlighting unpopular sports. It is KBS 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Sport.' Since its first showing, they have featured ping pong, bowling, and, most recently, badminton.

Celebrity guests compete against athlete viewers, and communicate with audience members, bringing more fun into the competitions. It is a program that makes one look forward to the many unpopular sports that will be featured in the future.

The Anticipated Effect of Entertainment on Unpopular Sports

The act of highlighting unpopular sports through entertainment is a meaningful one. Not only does it entertain the viewers, it also reintroduces and helps raise interest for the sport. It also sends a message of encouragement for the athletes that are training in the sport.

But they still need more attention and support. Take, for example, the sport of figure skating. Although this unpopular sport gained a lot of interest when world-star Kim Yeon Ah emerged, the reality is, there still hasn't been a single new figure skating training camp since then.

It reminds us of the MBC 'Infinite Challenge' rowing special that aired two years ago. In the show the many hidden joys of rowing were exposed, raising interest among viewers. However, it is regretful to say that it has once again become long-forgotten.

We hope that the interest gained through these entertainment shows will not just be a one-time event, but that it will have a lasting impact on these unpopular sports. Entertainment shows have a lasting effect on viewers. Thus, we hope and expect that through entertainment programs these unpopular sports will continue to expand and flourish for a long time to come.

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