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[News] Kim Seul Ki Talks About Jay Park, Shin Dong Yeop and the Other Men of ′SNL Korea′

Jay Park, Shin Dong Yeop, Kim Seul Ki
[News] Kim Seul Ki Talks About Jay Park, Shin Dong Yeop and the Other Men of ′SNL Korea′

Kim Seul Ki opened up on the men of Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL Korea).

The actress recently appeared on the July 30 broadcast of Onstyle′s Precious Story for Me 2 for a talk.

About Shin Dong Yeop, who leads SNL Korea with his ′dirty′ image, she said, "He′s a bit like director Jang Jin."

She then added about Jay Park, "He′s really carefree. When everyone sits down in chairs backstage on SNL Korea, he lies on the floor alone. He′s really purehearted. He′s carefree and pure, and that makes him attractive. He′s not my ideal type though. I can′t have people who are popular. You can apply to be my man if you can only care for me."

She also mentioned former SNL Korea crew member Ko Kyung Pyo. Though he′s not on the show anymore, the many videos he left behind are still talked about.

"He′s attractive," Kim Seul Ki said about the actor. "He′s pretty easygoing and isn′t artsy."

She then joked, "I think that′s why he′s so lazy. He doesn′t meet my standards."

Lastly, she said about Kim Min Kyo, "We′re a good team. We appeared in the play Clumsy People together. I saw him even more often than my family back then, because we were in a drama, play and SNL Korea together. He′s really manly but he has some feminine tastes. He shows his charisma through his eyes. His nickname is ′innocent gay.′"

When asked about the best and worst men, Kim Seul Ki chose Shin Dong Yeop as the best and Kim Min Kyo as the worst.

"The best is Shin Dong Yeop sunbaenim (senior). You can′t resist him. The worst is Kim Min Kyo sunbaenim. He′s married."

Photo credit: Onstyle

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