Thursday, August 1, 2013

[News] Krystal and Amber (f (x)) me2day account deleted

Krystal, Amber, f (x)
[News] Krystal and Amber (f (x)) me2day account deleted

Krystal  and  Amber  ( f (x) ) has deleted his me2day account. 

fx_krystal and fx_amber account will no longer be used. Sign in to two pages, both received a message from the account holder withdrew me2day. 

This is really disappointing news to fans f (x). While Amber is Insstagram utilize Twitter and me2day Krystal  is the only method of communication between her and after fan's Instagram account is deleted idol. 

Luna  Sulli  and  Victoria  seem more frequent updates me2day , hope that means they will keep the account.

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