Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[News] Love G-Dragon & Seungri + Taeyang share their thoughts on the album "Let's Talk About Love"

G-Dragon, Seungri, Taeyang
[News] Love G-Dragon & Seungri + Taeyang share their thoughts on the album "Let's Talk About Love"

Seungri  of  Big Bang  has been open about the love of his past with only a few days before the return of his solo desirable. 

On 13/8, Seungri wrote on Facebook: " I'm going to recommend The first song'' Let's Talk About Love". Not too hard to choose a theme for this album. Because of a love song is a great song to closer to the fans and the general public, I want to make an album filled with the love story. Love ... that's right, love. I'm not sure if that is not love, but once I felt very happy and also suffering. Maybe it's love. A love song is performed by three handsome guys.  Seungri, G-Dragon  and  Taeyang . The combination of these three names bring awkwardness but not unfamiliar. Although our group, our unique ... Because we are all made ​​of each solo album, we have met many times in the studio. I want to work with hyung. The only thought that was real excited and feel. The subtle rhythms and sounds of simple instruments, and all were full. I've done my part and the part of hyung worry them.  Jiyong hyung made ​​a great rap, and Taeyang hyung has also completed a great melody. Felt like I was drawing and painting hyung who fill it. Because our song was made, I'm very confident about it. In addition, this will also be songs to raise people's expectations for their upcoming solo album , " 

Seungri has expressed gratitude and his love for the members by the end of article her with the words " PS.Jiyong hyung, Youngbae hyung, I really love him that " 

Meanwhile, Seungri's solo album will be released online on 19/8.

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