Thursday, August 1, 2013

[News] Minho officially recognized role in 'Top Medical Team'

[News] Minho officially recognized role in 'Top Medical Team'
Finally,  Minho  has received an invitation to join MBC's new drama, ' Top Medical Team ', as Dr.  Kim Sung Woo !
'Top Medical Team' is the film revolves around a group of doctors remarkable talent. The film revolves around the conflict, rivalry, love and friendship. Films scheduled to air in October.
Sung Woo Kim is the youngest member of this talented group of doctors, he is a doctor with three years of experience in thoracic surgery and cardiovascular area and calmly courteous manner.
Minho shared,  "I am honored to be working with a great production team. than I will attempt to bring a more mature image through this film."
Minho's character - Kim Sung Woo is the youngest member of the team physician excellence. With polite manners, Kim Sung Woo doctors always been seen as a good colleague.  

If  Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won and Joo Ji Hoon is responsible for leading strong film, Minho will air the movie illuminated by personality and your relationship. Kim Jung Woo Doctors by striking look, and looks natural and sincerity household-god-he-par for Ah Jin (Oh Yeon Seo).

Minho wanted to show a completely different character image usual charm on stage.

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