Monday, August 5, 2013

[News] Se7en, Sangchu And Other Celebrity Soldiers Reassigned To The Front Lines

Se7en, Sangchu
[News] Se7en, Sangchu And Other Celebrity Soldiers Reassigned To The Front Lines

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense has come to a final decision regarding Se7en, Sangchu, and ten other celebrity soldiers' unacceptable behavior.

On Monday it was announced that following their punishment in military prison, all twelve soldiers would be reassigned to posts on the front line.

In late June news broke of several celebrity soldiers out eating and drinking after participating in a military concert to commemorate the anniversary of the Korean War. Later in the night, singers Se7en and Sangchu were seen leaving two illegal massage parlors.

As the scandal unfolded, it was discovered that a considerable number of other soldiers in the Defense Media Agency, the South Korean military's public relations unit, had been caught breaking the rules.

The Ministry of Defense then made the decision to get rid of the celebrity unit altogether and the soldiers were sentenced to time in military prison.

Se7en and Sangchu each received ten days detainment for their offenses while five others were sentenced to four days for carrying their cell phones. Another soldier was reportedly placed under 'house arrest' and grounded to his unit for leaving his official post when he was not supposed to.

According to the Ministry of Defense, nine of the soldiers were relocated to their new posts on Saturday, and the remaining three, Se7en, Sangchu, and actor Lee Jun Hyuk, will join their new units on the front lines on Friday after finishing out their prison sentences.

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