Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[News] SHINee held a surprise concert in a pool in Japan

[News] SHINee held a surprise concert in a pool in Japan

SHINee  held a series of concerts to celebrate the upcoming Japanese single released by the group. 

Yesterday, August 14, the Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports reported as " the idol group 5 SHINee member Korea held unexpected performances at three venues - Yomiuri Land, Akasaka and Shinjuku Plaza Event Hall in Tokyo on August 13 . " December 2011, the group also plans to organize a similar concert in Sibuya but was canceled because of safety reasons because there are so many fans to 

watch. " We are looking forward to the concert because we had to cancel a concert before. It's a pleasure to meet so many people . ", the member said. 

At Yomiuri Land, the group has performed in a pool and shared that, " We always want to jump into the swimming pool anymore "and" Performing at the pool although a little bit small, but we hope that you will feel refreshed with our new songs . " 

About 8,000 people listened to the new song Meet Boys U of SHINee. The song will be officially released on August 21 here. 

Boys Meet U's 8th Japanese single of the Japanese boy. The group will continue to perform in this country and will be performing at Kobe August 17 ​​to 18.

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