Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[News] Super junior of Siwon says, “Boa is my close friend”

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[News] Super junior of Siwon says, “Boa is my close friend”

In a recent appearance as a guest on the SBS show Thank You, Si Won of Super Junior revealed that he is a close friend of Boa’s. The episode will be broadcast on August 9 and is follow-up on the last week’s show, in which Son Hyun Ju, Boa, and Moon Jung Hee appeared.

In the episode, Boa invited Si Won, who is known as one of her closest friends. He came on the show with a lot of presents for her, which touched the hearts of all the staff members.

The Super Junior member said, “I can’t forget the first time I met Boa, because I was so embarrassed at her behavior.” But Boa herself said she couldn’t remember. He added, “Now, we’ve become so friendly that I can say I’d be willing to be her manager. I even call her ‘Sister Boa.’”

Besides Si Won, actor Yoo Hae Jin, who is close to both Son Hyun Ju and Boa, and other friends of Son appear on the program.

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