Friday, July 19, 2013

[News] Kangta reliving the past HOT EXO

Kangta , EXO
[News] Kangta reliving the past HOT EXO

In the recording program "I Live Alone" recent MBC , Kangta to the headquarters of SM Entertainmentto resolve some things. Kangta had dozens of fans HOT wait for days just to get at him for a moment, but before now building a fan does not have to wait to meet the former HOT member. 

EXO just finished shooting for a music program music and accidentally saw Kangta wrong reverse because there is no fan around like in the heyday again. 

Seeing the current exo make Kangta is a bit nostalgic, he has treated the members of EXO pizza chain and recall HOT days old and then give advice for the rookie.

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