Thursday, August 1, 2013

[News] Kwanghee and Siwan 2NE1 parody "Double Park"

Kwanghee, Siwan, 2NE1
[News] Kwanghee and Siwan 2NE1 parody "Double Park"

Kwanghee  and  Siwan  just imitate  Bom  and  Dara  in " Double Park " 

The guy just made ​​the scene of the girls (no couch), even posing identically dressed and tried akin to shooting image. They post photos to Facebook with the caption:  "Kwanghee & Siwan" Kwangbak "clones Sandara Park and Park Bom (2NE1)" Ssangbak "(Double Park) perfectly! Funny that is not it ^ ^? |

And of course, the photos make viewers curious - why Siwan owns adorable pink bunny pants like that?

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