Thursday, August 1, 2013

[News] Song Joong Ki is enlisted in August!

Song Joong Ki
[News] Song Joong Ki is enlisted in August!

Have you heard anything? It was the sound of the fans groaned when he heard news of the army's inevitable  Song Joong Ki  has officially set a date! And 27/08, which is less than a month away! 

Song Joong Ki fan contacted via his company to send a message:  "Are you all right? I was Song Joong Ki here. Recently, I received notice of enlistment. I would go for military service on 27/08. I will finish the work in promoting good rest and time to plan the training camp. I sincerely thank everyone for their support and love to win my affection. Since I can not organize farewell and goodbye to everyone, I want to convey my grateful heart through this message. I will be back after 2 years of military service ^ ^. Until I can offer you with new products, keep your health. "

Although the news is a bit abrupt, but those who attended the fan meeting on the 17th actor / 08 will remain have the opportunity to say goodbye Song Joong Ki before he enlisted.

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