Monday, August 12, 2013

[News] Lee Da Hee's Naked Face, Perfection?

Lee Da Hee
[News] Lee Da Hee's Naked Face, Perfection?

Actress Lee Da Hee revealed her naked face during her vacation trip.

Yesterday, Lee Da Hee posted on her Me2day, "While snorkeling today, we saw big clams and the weather was so nice that everyone was so happy. Sanho Island is so pretty. I love you" along with several pictures.

In one of the pictures, Lee Da Hee is in her snorkeling equipment, revealing her naked face without any makeup on. Lee Da Hee is currently on a vacation trip to Phuket with the staff and ast of SBS "I Hear Your Voice."

Internet users who saw this commented, "Her naked face is still so pretty," "I hope you have a safe trip," etc.

Photo Credit: Lee Da Hee Me2day

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