Thursday, August 8, 2013

[News] Wheesung will be contingent on 9/8

[News] Wheesung will be contingent on 9/8

Be prepared for the return of  Wheesung  (31) when he will be discharged on 9/8! 

company  Wheesung said, " Wheesung will complete 2 years of his military service and was discharged with As a sergeant of Nonsan Army Training Station on Friday morning on 09/08/2013. On this day, in which he was discharged in a meeting will take place on small fans who always wait and will wait to greet him " 

Wheesung has previously been convicted three days in prison because the army had owned a mobile phone and hence, the date of his original team is 6 / 8 has been pushed back to 9/8. The prosecution also accused the singer propofol abuse in his time in the military.  

After passing things,  Wheesung will now go back to the public and immediately embarked on his new album 's.

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