Thursday, August 8, 2013

[News] Tasty return to MV "mamama 'single + album" Spectacular "

[News] Tasty return to MV "mamama 'single + album" Spectacular "

After some time away from the spotlight, rookie duo  Tasty  is back with " mamama "and album single"SPECTACULAR "! 

duo also here to stir things when released MV for the title song "mamama", which is a combination of swing and hip hop music that the boys had made ​​with their own flavors. 

To support the return of them, join them is none other than  INFINITE H  -  Hoya  and  Dongwoo !INFINITE H not only starred in the music video along with tasty but they also participate in writing lyrics, creating a joint effort between the companies.  

single album also includes songs such as " Spectacular "," Addiction "- the rap duo has been writing lyrics, and" 2NITE "combined with  Hanhae  of  Phantom ! 

Tasty Welcome back and check out the MV below!

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